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Letter to the Editor

To hear two-year old Eric speak, we all need to “Vote to Mimi” for Friendswood City Council.  Out of the mouth of this babe, there is much wisdom.  His grandmother is Sally Branson, and there is NO better candidate to represent the citizens of Friendswood on City Council than Sally!

Sally has lived much of her life in our “town,” and she has served on countless committees and boards understanding the dynamic between citizens’ concerns, economic development, and preserving our history. Sally serves. Sally studies. Sally listens. And, Sally seeks the answer that best serves the needs of those at stake.

There are not many places you can go in Friendswood without a Sally sighting. She is involved and she cares for our quality of life, now and in the future. Sally Branson’s successful financial consulting firm offers practical wisdom and insight in handling our city’s budget.

Sally Branson listens, asks questions, considers the viewpoints of many, and works collaboratively with others to determine the best for the citizens of Friendswood.

I am with Eric, her grandson, because a vote for Sally Branson is a vote for a better Friendswood.

Laura Ewing



Letter to the Editor


Sally Branson is the most qualified candidate running for Friendswood City Council, Position 2 based on her years of experience serving on many city committees and boards. Her talents and qualifications have led her to serve, as well as hold leadership positions on Planning and Zoning, Friendswood Rotary Club, Friendswood Historical Society and Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association. Sally has also served on Friendswood ISD committees, especially lending her financial expertise to the Friendswood Education Foundation for 17 years.

We have known Sally for more than 10 years and she has always proven to be honest, positive, hard-working and dedicated to the committees on which she serves. Sally works in a collaborative manner and seeks to find solutions to work for the benefit of all. She is a great listener and will hear both sides of an issue before making a decision.

Early voting begins April 24th and continues until May 2nd at City Hall. Election Day is Saturday, May 6th from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Please join us in going to the polls and casting your vote for Sally Branson, Position 2 on our Friendswood City Council. Thank you for your support!

Sheri Barber | Selena Ellis | Barsa Harclerode


Letter to the Editor


I believe Sally Branson is the right candidate for Friendswood City Council Position 2. Having worked with Sally for various local community projects, I can personally attest to her strong work ethic and absolute integrity. She champions the concept that protecting our community means protecting our way of life now and for the generations to come.

As a wife and mother, she inspires us with her exceptional character and ability to balance attention to detail with practicality. She is a respected member of the community, whose character is reminiscent of leaders in the past who unselfishly served to improve our community. I believe she will set us on a path of optimism and great progress instead of one of bickering and stagnation that we have seen in the past. Sally understands that we have an obligation to champion for the future. Those that enjoy our town tomorrow need wise decisions today to keep Friendswood “One of the Top Towns” for safety, family, and quality of living.

Sally has the ability to protect Friendswood’s charm, while also balancing that with an intelligent approach moving forward into the future. I believe Sally represents exactly whom we need to elect to City Council.

Sara Peters



Letter to the Editor



The right candidate for Friendswood Council Position No. 2 is SALLY BRANSON.

When I think of Sally the first word that comes to mind is TIRELESS. She is Tireless in raising her family here in Friendswood. Tireless in maintaining local business. But most of all she has been Tireless in every way for the City of Friendswood and its Citizens. I have been lucky enough to work side by side with Sally for a number of years on various projects and it has made no difference what she was doing for this Community and its Citizens, she always gave 100%.

But we all know hard work is just part of being a Successful Community Leader, it sometimes requires the ability to make the tough decisions that will help guide the City into meeting future needs of its Citizens and infrastructure, and I have no doubt Sally is up for the task. Sally has always shown an ability to reach out to citizens and really listen, with this ability along with assessing the City’s needs, she will work tirelessly to ensure that Friendswood remains one of the Top Places to Live in the United States.



Tom Goodwin



Letter to the Editor


I am writing to encourage all to vote for Sally Branson for the Friendswood City Council. I have known Sally and her family since moving to Friendswood 27 years ago. She is a person of high integrity and honesty. Sally graduated from FHS, and along with her husband Jon has raised her family here. She is all about Friendswood. She has served her community actively in the schools through parents’ organizations, the FISD Foundation and at the City of Friendswood, most recently on the Planning & Zoning Commission. She has been actively involved in many community oriented organizations, including Rotary, Friendswood Historical Society, Keep Friendswood Beautiful and Friends of Downtown Friendswood. In each of these organizations she has given her all – time and money.

Now she wants to continue her tradition of service as a member of the City Council. Her involvement has given her a unique perspective to run for this position. She knows Friendswood. She understands Friendswood. She will serve Friendswood well. Join me in voting for Sally Branson on May 6.

Ron Cox



Letter to the Editor


I am proud to support Sally Branson for Friendswood City Council, Position 2.  Over the last twenty years, I have had the pleasure of working with Sally through her involvement in the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation and the Friendswood Historical Society.  She is a tireless advocated for preserving our heritage while leading our community in its transformation from a small town to an independent suburban city.  

I think Sally exemplifies two main characteristics that our city government needs in its leaders: discernment and dedication.  I have seen Sally’s discernment when discussing ideas related to FISD and when Sally says “well….”, then I know I should listen for well-thought out advice that brings a different perspective on an issue than I might have had.  

Sally’s dedication to Friendswood is unmatched as she quietly leads efforts to make Friendswood the best town in Texas and normally leads from behind the scenes.  She is happy to let others take the glory while making sure that the job always gets done.

We need someone with discernment and dedication on City Council to make the wise and honest decisions in the best interests of Friendswood.  We need Sally Branson!


Tony Hopkins



Letter to the Editor


Sally Branson is an exemplary citizen of Friendswood and her volunteerism has benefited the community in both small and big ways.

Sally has long been a great advocate for Friendswood schools and is now a board member and supporter of the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation.  I first came to know Sally when we both worked on the bond committee which updated the high school and built the new Junior High.  Even though her children were already graduated she worked hard to improve the facilities for future Friendswood graduates.  

Sally serves Friendswood in a variety of ways; Planning & Zoning Committee, Historical Society,  Friendswood Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and the Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association just to name a few.  She is committed to making Friendswood not only a nice place to live, but a small town community with venues for people to meet and interact.

Please vote for Sally Branson, Friendswood’s best choice for City Council Position 2. Thank you.

Lisa Lundquist



Letter to the Editor


As Friendswood’s city elections approach, let us take ownership of Friendswood’s unique situation. When Friendswood hits a population of 50,000 people, we assume maintenance of our FM roads from the state of Texas and a Health Department must be created for our citizens. That’s an immediate $1.5 million increase to our $20 million budget, which translates to a 7.5% property tax increase from each taxpayer.

Friendswood needs a balance of commercial and residential taxes before reaching Build-Out. Because it is landlocked, there is no more opportunity to annex land. Friendswood must get it right the first time.

We need smart City Leaders who have the long-term vision and experience to guide us to a thoughtful Build-Out. We can’t afford inexperience or nearsightedness.

Sally Branson has served on the Friendswood Education Foundation’s Board, the Friendswood Historical Society, VP of Friends of Downtown Friendswood, the Rotary, and on Friendswood Planning and Zoning Commission.

I’ve worked with Sally and know her ideas are insightful, her wisdom and judgment are sound, her follow through can be counted on, and her leadership draws the best from others.

Join me and vote for Sally Branson on May 6.

Jerry Ericsson



Letter to the Editor


I have had the pleasure of working alongside both David O’Farrell and Sally Branson as a fellow commissioner on the Friendswood Planning and Zoning committee.  They each are incredibly devoted to Friendswood and are the most fit candidates to guide our city forward.  I intend to vote for both David and Sally for Friendswood City Council in the upcoming May election. 

David O’Farrell has been a volunteer member of the P&Z for 10 years and the committee chairman for the past two. He has taught me about balancing the needs of property owners with the rights of their neighbors all the time being guided by the long term needs of the city.  He consistently leads our committee to help make Friendswood a better place in both the short and long term. 

When I first joined P&Z, David spent several hours driving me around Friendswood to explain the history of each area/neighborhood.  He related how each structure (down to each pile of dirt!) had a story.  Since David has lived his entire life in Friendswood and been instrumental in its development, he has helped guide much of the development and is familiar with all of it. His passion for making Friendswood better is infectious.

Sally Branson has been a tireless volunteer for Friendswood in many areas including P&Z.  I am impressed with her rare ability to find a mutually beneficial solution to a problem when others (including me) are stumped.  She understands that good solutions often involve collaboration with many stakeholders and she puts out the effort to make this happen. Sally has a particular passion, which I share, for improving our downtown area. 

Although we will miss both David and Sally on Planning & Zoning, their talents will be put to even better use on City Council.  Please join me in giving them your vote.

Richard Sasson



Dear Editor,


I’m writing in support of Sally Branson’s election to Friendswood City Council. I have had the privilege to work alongside Sally for the past two years as board members of the Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association. She has been the driving force within the organization to bring about great things for Downtown, such as the Texas Music Fest, Downtown’s first public art mural, Labor Day Ice Cream Social, and many other wonderful events and projects. She truly believes, and has shown through her efforts, that Downtown should become the “heart and soul” of our community.

Sally’s dedication to Friendswood just doesn’t begin and end with Downtown…her serving on the Friendswood Historical Society, Friendswood Education Foundation, the Rotary Club of Friendswood, and three years as P&Z Commissioner, reflects her deep desire to serve all of Friendswood.

For over the past 20 years, Sally has quietly volunteered and selflessly worked hard behind the scenes to bring about wonderful change to our City. Please join me in bringing Sally to the “front of the scene” as your next representative!

It’s time for her energy and talents to be utilized as a leader on City Council!

Brett Banfield



Dear Friends and Neighbors,


On May 6th our city will be electing two citizens to serve on our city council. A famous American once said, “The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.” Fortunately, we have a candidate running for position 2 who has these qualities, Sally Branson.

Sally has been a resident of Friendswood almost her entire life. She has always worked behind the scene to better our schools, our city, and our downtown district. Now she seeks to step into city government where with her education, her knowledge of business and finance, and her dedication for the Friendswood community, she will look to serve all the people of Friendswood with excellence. Here is how I would describe Sally

S - Sincere in her desire to preserve the integrity of our city

A - Aware of our history and eager for our future potential

L - Loyal and loving friend

L - Listens without judging

Y – You get what you see! No hidden agenda!

I choose “SALLY”…. I hope you will too! Please vote! Voting Matters!


Margaret Limmer



Letter to the Editor


I am endorsing Sally Branson for Friendswood city council. I have worked with Sally on several civic projects and find her to be a champion for improving our city. She is tireless and relentless in looking for ways she can help to make Friendswood better. I have always enjoyed working with her because she is open and honest about her beliefs. She listens, evaluates, and then takes action.

Sally is a proven leader because she is willing to work hard in the trenches, not just provide rhetoric about what needs to be done. Her organizational skills, her management skills, financial skills and her overall "people skills" are strong assets that will allow her to make the necessary decisions to keep Friendswood moving forward. Sally is very informed about what it will take to do that. 

Sally Branson has been a guiding force behind the Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association. She has attended workshops on downtown revitalization, participated in area meetings on this subject and initiated projects that involve many citizens sharing her vision for an improved downtown area. Her work on Planning and Zoning for the city has provided her with knowledge and foresight on what developers are looking for when they are considering bringing their business to Friendswood. Sally's work with the Friendswood Historical Society reinforces her commitment to the values of what makes Friendswood such a unique community.

In addition to all of the above, Sally Branson is just fun to work with because of her great sense of humor, her caring and positive attitude, her ability to put others at ease and her willingness to lend a hand whenever asked.

She will make an excellent council member. I hope you will join me in voting for Sally Branson for City Council Position No. 2 on May 6. She will not disappoint you.

Sherry Mallory Goen





I am writing to support Sally Branson who is a candidate for Friendswood City Council, Position  2.  I have known Sally for many years.  She is committed to the continued success of Friendswood and has always done everything she could to ensure that success.  Sally has a deep faith and strong values and a woman of her word.  She will be an outstanding Councilwoman and I urge all citizens to vote for her.






Letter to the Editor


I am writing to let all the residents know that Sally Branson is the best candidate for Friendswood City Council Position 2 in this year’s election.

Sally is a lifelong resident of Friendswood, attended schools in Friendswood and reared her children in our city.  To say that Sally (and her family) loves our city is an understatement!

Sally is a very successful businesswoman and has, for years, been very active in all aspects of our city.  She has served on city volunteer boards most notably, the Planning and Zoning Committee (P&Z) for the past 3 years.  She has proven her common sense ideals no matter the situation.

Anyone who knows Sally will tell you that when she begins a project, she is in it 100% until completion.  She gives it all her energy and expertise.  When the project is finished, it is so much better because of her.  

Sally’s latest and possibly largest civic project is working with the Friends of Downtown Friendswood Association (FDFA) serving on the board of directors as Vice-President.  Her involvement in FDFA is the result of her interest in the revitalization of downtown Friendswood. Sally was very instrumental in the highly successful production of the Second Annual Texas Music Festival held in Friendswood on March 4th.  

She also serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Friendswood Education Foundation as well as the Friendswood Historical Society and the Galveston County Historical Commission.  Sally is a member of the Friendswood Rotary Club.

Sally exhibits her leadership qualities in everything she does.  

All these qualities combined with her professionalism are a guarantee of success.  These will make Sally Branson one of the best City Council persons in the history of the city of Friendswood.   

She has such a pleasant personality and everyone finds her so easy to work with.  She always has a smile on her face.

I think that you can see, based on all her experiences and qualifications, that Sally is best qualified to represent the citizens of Friendswood as a Councilwoman!

I am asking that when you go to the polls to vote for City Council, please vote for Sally Branson.

Lonnie Moffitt